#ff_ru Congestion charge платить не надо.
Voters comprehensively rejected Greater Manchester Congestion Charge @dickquax https://t.co/A1kp5rlDzz #ScribdDocs
Just uploaded Edinburgh Congestion Charge: Comprehensively given the thumbs down in 2005. @dickquax https://t.co/1a8qL60FDQ #ScribdDocs
Congestion charge платить не надо.
When driving to charlton away i don t have to pay congestion charge do i ?
Seriously frustrated. Sorry I couldn't pay the congestion charge because my iPhone is fucking useless. #BillApple
my dad is playing with the satnav downstairs and every so often it randomly goes 'congestion charge!' and it's really unnerving
RT @YehawLtd: Winter comes traffic starts. Only #dedicated #runners on the streets. Shivering at the bus stop wishing there was no congesti…
Winter comes traffic starts. Only #dedicated #runners on the streets. Shivering at the bus stop wishing there was no congestion charge #cold
@Beckwould ill send u a dm with my address u can park there with the permit. No congestion charge. but i cant tell u a route through london
@Beckwould there is no congestion charge on sunday and the streets are quieter o Sundays too
@cloudyimages tell me more of the parking permits? There's no congestion charge on Sundays is there? How is traffic on Sundays?
@nattzienoo take down his reg number and send it to me and I'll get some plates made up and speed camera and congestion charge the cunt!!@
#ru_ff Congestion charge можно ввести, а вот в Мосгортранс я не верю.
@jasonkitcat @GMBSussexBranch congestion charge subsidises fares and tfl. Imagine even more uproar in Brighton if this introduced.
@vwegolf Speaking for Zipcar, we feel we offer good value by incl. free fuel, insurance, congestion charge 24hr breakdown cover for members
#читаешьменячитаютебя Congestion charge можно ввести, а вот в Мосгортранс я не верю.
@LBC Is it time we stop handing over extra £1.7b to uncle EU and claw back tax evasion/avoidance, congestion charge by diplomats etc?
@CesareOrtis @FrancaCini a londra non c'è la congestion charge? non so quanto sia efficace... xD
RT @GeorgeWood2014: Manchester gave a resounding "NO" to congestion pricing in 2008 referendum. @dickquax and I have pushed for... http://…

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Why Choose Us?

Unlike TfL we provide a free Android App letting you know when you've been in the congestion zone, taking away the uncertainty when traveling to London. Visit the Google App store or click the banner for more information.

  • We charge a FLAT RATE of only £16 for any charging day. We believe our service to be number one compared to alternative providers and and better value than Transport for London.

  • You can cancel any payments you haven’t used for a day in advance and we will refund those payments without any administration charge.
  • You can change the vehicle covered in advance of travel free of charge
  • You can change the date covered in advance of travel free of charge.
  • If you use our mobile App to pay the Congestion Charge we will tell you within reason, if you have or have not been in the zone and accordingly advise you if you need to pay.
  • If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) after paying through us and inform us within 7 days, we will pay the PCN (to the maximum of a 2 week fine), no quibbles!

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07:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

No charge for hours between 18:00 and 07:00, on weekends, public holidays or days, between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day inclusive.

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Available until 8PM
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