"Do you have to pay the congestion charge to drive in Brighton?" Don't give them ideas, silly woman!
@bbcnewcastle More out of town parking for City Centre, encourage parking in other high street shopping areas, trams, congestion charge.
You deal with bus lanes, cyclists jumping red lights, aggressive white vans, congestion charge and I deal with: http://t.co/eCpIRbmhLe
It was only a couple of years ago that Manchester City Council's pedantry extended to the possibility of a congestion charge. PMSL.
Heathrow congestion charge proposed
RT @legalchallenge: If we allow TFL to rule us then we might as well allow them to run our lives. Are you prepared to let this happen : ht…
Hiring cars is lfm, especially on Mondays as there's congestion charge🌚
It's quite insistent about this one… RT @BBCNews_ebooks: Congestion charge for plastic carrier bags
Congestion charge for plastic carrier bags
RT @mwarne: Registering for auto-pay for the congestion charge - which saves @TfLOfficial time, money & effort in collection - costs the us…
Registering for auto-pay for the congestion charge - which saves @TfLOfficial time, money & effort in collection - costs the user a £10 fee!
I think I'm gonna put a congestion charge on my mentions tbf
does anyone know if you have to pay the congestion charge if you drive through the black wall tunnel
Transport for London teams up with Google to protect customers from using unofficial Congestion Charge payment sites.
forgot theres no congestion charge on sunday woo wool, driving it is
Heathrow congestion charge proposed
@newcastlecc What about the reintroduction of trams to speed up travel and reduce use of car through congestion charge?

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