@terryhollands you must be the most environmentally friendly recovery service for trucks. No congestion charge for you. ;-)
Heathrow congestion charge proposed
@KateEMcCann @citycyclists @Phil_PJA or Cambridge, or Manchester. Manchester definitely wants to reduce congestion, and has planned a charge
Do Police horses pay congestion charge? They seem to take lots of space and make a hell of a pile of pollution.
@Rokhsona no watford's way out of congestion charge zones. It's only for central London - busiest area
RT @PurpleGreenRob: .@ClaireHiscott asks @GeorgeFergusonx to give a cast-iron guarantee of no congestion charge. He refuses to. Good. #bris
You pay your taxes and this is what you get in return! You can't drive because congestion charge is… http://t.co/3aglHjvP4I
@ClaireHiscott well done! @GeorgeFergusonx #congestion charge should happen to stop 500 being killed early in #Bristol by air pollution.
RT @PurpleGreenRob: .@ClaireHiscott asks @GeorgeFergusonx to give a cast-iron guarantee of no congestion charge. He refuses to. Good. #bris
.@ClaireHiscott asks @GeorgeFergusonx to give a cast-iron guarantee of no congestion charge. He refuses to. Good. #bristollive
@owlsaymoo if you stand in my way... Please pay... Congestion charge
The access to the historical center of Milan is limited by the Congestion Charge area (Area C) on Monday,... http://t.co/7hOxoKMqr8
We’re early. That’s a #1st #cricket #Dodgers #congestion #charge #car #timeout @ Kings House Sports… http://t.co/iLsHyuwKmY
We're early. That's a #1st #cricket #Dodgers #congestion #charge #car #timeout @ Kings House Sports… http://t.co/2jgODatfKJ
Congestion charge fine #peakoftheweek
@brandbrowncouk free road tax free congestion charge?
@MrTimDunn What do you reckon it will cost under the congestion charge?
Forgot to pay the congestion charge again 😡 , Bain of my life #mare

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