RT @HRHEsther: “@TfLTrafficNews: No Congestion Charge from 25 Dec up to and including 1 Jan http://t.co/vtDs5eJHKw http://t.co/UUd89U7fOy” …
@stevebibby_ congestion charge though?! Since when?
£3.60 for this shit, and they had the cheek to try and bring in a congestion charge. Utter cretins
I wonder whether Lord Sugar pays his own congestion charge fees to get the Rolls into central London. #bbcapprentice
Changes at the Dartford Crossing to reduce congestion & ease traffic flow start 30 November http://t.co/U4ViR6pBW6 http://t.co/YSpWuwUiGj
Changes at the Dartford Crossing to reduce congestion & ease traffic flow http://t.co/p5gHCLW5AV http://t.co/aEB3NvkwWc
@AlxJCaboose Hi, sorry to hear. Please see link to contact the department. http://t.co/A1lMCkz8XR
@TfLWaystoPay the website wont let me pay for a congestion charge, i click on my car and it wont go on to the next page (i am clicking next)
There's a special place in hell for the CNG waalas who over charge because of stupid traffic congestion ! :@
Thought for the day: did I change my congestion charge account over to my new car in March? 😱
@krislc @abeleung exactly, we don't really need more roads, we need fewer vehicles really (see London Congestion Charge)
@gblandscapes What??? It should be like the congestion zone, pay a slightly higher charge the next day then it goes to PCNs?
@gblandscapes @milouvision @teegee217 travel after 6pm and drive through London then you avoid congestion charge & dartford crossing toll
@boriswatch Just as Ken was entitled to expand the congestion charge and Boris entitled to axe the extension. @gareththomasmp
Lagos state govt should look at what Singapore is doing. We need a congestion charge ASAP and they should use that funds to improve
#NCR will consider congestion charge, higher parking fee, vehicle registration fee to improve air quality #NGT http://t.co/nzVx3zEsGT
@CllrRalphBerry Hypocrisy! Metro charge more for bus to go in interchange once than whole days parking in BD. & nothing done abt congestion
@Mag_nam_style We're gonna need 14 dumper trucks and remember to pre-pay the congestion charge. #simonsays
#CarFreak Renault Banishes New London Congestion Charge Worries With Full Electric Vehicle Range http://t.co/eWtCtHCSMl #renault
No congestion charge on weekends Oofft

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